by altardy on September 8, 2013

IMG_0010Here are the last 3 pics from The Canal Diggers race. 

Trisha “T-bone”, as Her friends call her, and I met last year at this race.  Although she didn’t run this year she was there to cheer on friends and family.IMG_0009

I met these 2 fellow “carb” drinkers at a pub around the corner from race head quarters.  The gentleman in the blue shirt and I have seen eachother before at a race somewhere.  We think it might have been in Pittsburg at a race. 

I, however, have forgotten both their names, I refer you back to the carb thing.  But if either of you can fill in the name blank for me please do.  Best way is through my personal email IMG_0005

And this awesome group I never actually got names from.  They were all at the same local pub that I was and they were having a great time, so I decided they needed to have a place in my write up.  This shows you that to run a race and go home as soon as you finish will cause you to the miss story that the day had in store for you.

THE CANAL DIGGERS 5K in Worcester, Ma. is an awesome race to do and experience.  If you were there on the 7th I know I’ll see you again next year.  If you weren’t then get your butt down there next year and join us.  You’ll have a great time.   See you there.

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