And Now Some Pictures Of New Friends

by altardy on December 2, 2013

 Here are the last photos from the Talking Turkey.  These people are folks that I didn’t know before I got there, but, next time we see each other we will already be old running buddies.IMG_0017                                                                                                     Isabelle and I met briefly as I gave her her bib number when she came into the registration area.  And then I was able to catch this photo as she was getting to leave. OH and yes she did run a faster race than me.  Congrats on your run.  

   IMG_0003  Samantha and I met trying to warm up with the great clam chowder and pasta that really helped get the body back together.  IMG_0014

Sara and Erica represnted one of the things I love about the world of running.  I was eating after the race and they were talking about the race day and just enjoying the time together, which was due to the race day.  To me it’s one of the things I like the most about our world, sharing time and space due to a common bond.IMG_0018    

And the live music along with a couple of glasses of carbs lead to going from the running shoes to the dancing shoes.  These people lead the way to the dance floor and were quickly joined by many more.

The entire day, race and atmosphere at the Elks Club is always a wonderful experience.  Put this one on your race schedule for next year and you can get onto my site as new friends.

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