Some More Pictures Of Friends

by altardy on December 2, 2013


Brenna and I met when she ran one of the races that I help put on around holloween.  A tremendously talented runner who has also joined the Holyoke St Patrick’s Day Race committee.IMG_0004  

Diana and I met at this years St. Patrick’s Day Race in March.  She is one of my new/old running buddies.IMG_0011 

Tom is on the St. Patrick’s Parade and race committee.  I remember him from other races, but never knew him until the committees came into my life.IMG_0015  

I met Jim and his wife many years ago at my first Talking Turkey Rcae and we’ve remet here every year since. Because of that first meeting we’ve also shared many great times during the year at other places.  Great friends and people. 

Well, that’s it for the pics of people I already knew before this years Talking Turkey.  There is one more entry after this one which includes new friends that I met that day and dancers!!!!!     


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