Some Of The People That Make A Race Great

by altardy on December 2, 2013

IMG_0008It takes a lot of people to put on a successful race. And Marty is definitely on of those people.  First of all you should know that I was there so early when I saw Marty that no one was around to take this picture.  What you see is my photography skills in action.  Marty and I met and became good friends on the Holyoke St Patrick’s Day Race committee.  He handles soooo many things that make a race great,  from the sound to the food and anything in between.  A great guy.IMG_0010  

I met Maria and Mike with their daughters, Maddy and Mya, while they were all handing out the great tech tees that the Talking Turkey gives out to the runners.  Maria later also ran in the race.IMG_0016


And talk about people that help make a race great!!! Meet Paul and Jack–carb pouring experts.  Their efforts Helped in many, many ways.

You will be able to see how many smiles were brought out by them helping the runners re-load on the carbs. 

There are 3 more entries with pictures to prove it.  So read on.

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