New Friends And An Old Friend

by altardy on May 28, 2014


One of the first people I talked to after running was an old friend.  Bob (center) and I have met running in many races in  New England.  He has been in my blog many times.  Pictured with us (l-r) are Gene, Myself, Bob, Kent and Arther.IMG_0006

   This is a picture  that was very representative of  the  event.   not only was the race a great course and fund raiser, but, had a kids playground.  Pictured with me are,in the front, Brian, Christian and Delanet.  With me in the back row ar Brandy, Owen and Merry.  It was great to meet them and see the whole family having a great time.IMG_0008

I met John and Larry while checking our times.  Turns out they focus on races supporting Diabetes.IMG_0009

This is a picture of a team of runners and I’m not really sure what team they represented,but, this picture was put together because they had all won trophies for their running.  Which made them one happy group of people.

All in all it turned out to be a great day for all those that came.  And for me it was a day that I needed to get back into the swing.  Head to this West Bridgewater race next year and you will truly have a wonderful time.

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Hi Al,

It was so nice to meet you and learn all about what you’re doing. The kids and I hope to see you at another run around New England sometime soon. Good luck with your running and keep having fun out there.

Kind regards, Merry


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