My Running Buddies On Father’s Day

by altardy on June 16, 2014


Mark and Susan were 2 of the first people I talked with after finishing the race.  Mark was eating his “Re-coop” food and Susan talked to me about the great things she is looking forward to in life. IMG_0005

Anissa and I talked right after the race also.  But, I retook our picture after she recieved her medal for winning her age bracket.  I have smartened up after all these years and did not ask the age bracket.  She was a treat to get to meet.IMG_0011

Becca (#12) took 3rd place in her age bracket.  Neil and Emily were proud parents.  And what a great way to spend father’s day together, actively doing good for others. IMG_0007   

Faith and I used each other during the race to pace ourselves.  She did awesome.  So I had to get her picture when we finished.

 I have one more entry for you to read and get to meet some of the organizers of this great event. So check it out.

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