Organizers And Some Of The Kids They Are Helping

by altardy on June 16, 2014


Andy(#49), pictured here with Henry, was the first person I talked with as I was arriving at the race site.  Turns out he was one of the organizers and one of those people you would see everywhere during the day. 

I first saw him while he was helping set up the course, then at the registration, as you can see he was in the run and at the finish line cheering everyone on.  Always smiling and always helping.  IMG_0004 

Here with me (top row) are Heather, Sean, a great kid whose name I failed to get and Sean”s wife Jen with Skylar and Alyssa.

Heather, Sean and Jen were also organizers doing all sorts of great things. 

Spending part of father’s day at this run/walk was a true blessing.  This group of participants and organizers were all wonderful and passionate about their cause.  They Brightened my day and then sent me on my way to see my daughter. 

Put this race on your schedule for next year.  Come and be a part of the wonderful things these people are doing for the kids.

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