On The Way To See My Daughter

by altardy on June 16, 2014


I would like you to meet my best friend in life, who also happens to be my daughter, Michelle. 

I had not seen her in a couple months due to both our busy schedules.  But it was Father’s Day and we spent hours together catching up on everything going on in our lives.  Which to me truly is a precious, precious time.  

We live 200 miles from each other and so I decided along the way to spend time with her, I would………IMG_0013 

run in a road race.  Acton, Ma.  is almost exactly half way to where she lives and just happened to have a run/walk happening.

What a super time I had meeting new people focused on a cause of  helping kids in their town. The Miracle League Of Mass., which I will have more info on soon, was special and I will share their link with you shortly. IMG_0006  

The finishline was within the baseball diamond that they had built for the kids and along with the run ….IMG_0012 

they had an entire day fill with bounce houses, water dunking, live music and tons more.   

Being with my daughter will always be the highlight of any day for me, but having a great time with these people added a special feeling on the day.  I’ve got 2 more entries for you to reacd and meet some of the people I met.  Read them and check into their great cause.  So read on.

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