New Friends, Old Friends And Firsts

by altardy on June 29, 2014


Cari and Marybeth are friends that now live about an hour away from each other.  And each has their own career going on. 

However, because of the wonderful world of running, they share a common interest that gives them a reason to get together and share good times.  IMG_0013 

Through part of the course I was following a person who’s shirt caught my eye.  IMG_0002  

The shirt was the perfect running wear and I found out that Claire was running her first race ever.  “Welcome to our world Claire.  Looks like you understand just how alot of us think”.  IMG_0005  

What a great group of people these folks were to meet and get to know. 

Julie(#159) and Derek (with Jameson the pup) looked at me and we all remembered seeing each other at another race.  So we spent a little time trying to figure out where and think it was 3-4 years ago.  The great thing here is we’re now old friends because of running.

Jerry(26.2 tee shirt) only started running last February.  He has already run a marathon, several halfs, and many 5 and 10k’s.  Emily(#249)  not only ran her first race ever, but also won her age division.  Nicki (center) not only won a trophy, but, is the Brockton title holder in the hot dog eating competions.  She is headed to Cony Island to the national competion.  Melanie rounds out the group and was a pleasure to talk with and get to know.   

These are just a few of the many people that came to this race and enjoyed the day.  I have 2 more entries with photos of people who run in an amazing way, so check them out.

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Cari and I also ran with Little Tommy on our minds and in our prayers. It was inspiring to see Johhny and Dave run with TK on there backs. The race was so much fun! We enjoyed meeting new friends especially Al Tardy!! We look forward to the next race. 🙂


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