Some Of The People That Make This Event So Great

by altardy on September 7, 2014


Meet Paul Foley.  Paul has been at the helm as the main organizer for this race for the 8 years that it has existed.  Him and his team have created a wonderful day and place for families and friends to get together and have a great time.  I want you to know he’s having this well deserved cup of carbs after the race has finished and everyone has been taken care of. 

“Thank You Paul for all you have done.  It has been an event I look forward to every year”.IMG_0003   

Of course, as a race organizer myself, I know none of this is possible without volunters.  They are the people that get little credit for making an event great.  That’s why I write about volunteers. 

(l-r) Mike, John, Bill and Ann are special volunteers too.  They are the people that put the wrist bands on you that allows you access to the beer later.  They definitely help brighten up people’s days after running.IMG_0006 

Then there’s Joe(standing next to me).  I first met Joe about 12 years ago.  That was the first year I started running races and finding out about all the crazy, wonderful running people in this world. I see Joe many times every year because he volunteers hours upon hours of his time helping put on events like this race. 

Joe, along with Steve in the middle and Jim on the right, belong to the Central Mass Striders Running Club.  This club always has large numbers of volunteers ever present at events like the Canal Diggers. 

And speaking of runners the next 6-7 entries will show you some of the people that came this year.  So read on.

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