Special People From Worcester

by altardy on September 7, 2014


I’m not sure who number 650 is, however, he looks like he could be related to number 1102.  If you look close you can tell that #1102 is the only one amongst us that has a different medal hanging around his neck.  I believe his name is Jim or John (if someone could email me the correct name I’d appreciate it).  Jim is wearing the medal because he came in first in his age bracket.  But, he won it with a time of 26 minutes which kicked the butts of everyone else in this photo. HE IS 77 YEARS OLD.  What an inspiration to all of us. 

Stephanie has become just a wonderful, wonderful friend.  I met her 4 years ago at this very race. There is more of that meeting explained in the next entry.  And along with Stephanie comes her biggest cheer leader and…..IMG_0022 

my great friend Tom, Stephanie’s husband.  He’s always got a smile and encouraging things to say.   They are an awesome couple and special friends.IMG_0009   

Roger and I met at this race last year.  He hadn’t run the race before but kept reading about it in my blog.  So he came last year to do the race, showed up 2 hours early, because he read that’s what I do, and introduced himself. 

Last year his daughter, Heather, looked a bit different when she came to cheer him on.  Heather, this time last year, was due to have har first baby at any minute. Roger now has a special one year old grand daughter. What a difference a year makes.IMG_0010             

Seamus and I first met in 2012 at this race.  He stood out from the crowd then and still does today.  He is a Worcester firefighter.  The flag he carries while running has the names of all the people that died in the 9/11 attack in New York.  He also pushes his child in a stroller at the same time.  Seamus is a great guy, a great friend and a true American.

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