Friends And Volunteers

by altardy on June 15, 2015


Meet some of the people that work hard to provide such a wonderful weekend for the thousands of people that come to Litchfield. 

Mary and “Hawk” are a wonderful couple I met while they were helping at the Holyoke St. Patricks Day Race this past March.  I am one of the organizers for that race and this year I really got to know them and see what sincere, hard working and helping people they are. I am truly lucky to be able to call them “friends”.

They, along with Peter and many others, spend thousands of hours all year long helping prepare for this weekend.  And it shows.  It is one of the best organized races I’ve seen.  From the set up, to tons of water stops and volunteers everywhere, to the 8-10 bands that play along the course and on the common and many, many more aspects to make things great for the people that come.  They have created an AWESOME setting for all that attend.IMG_0015  

These are great friends of mine and also of Mary and Hawk.  They live in Holyoke, Ma., as I do, and come to participate and help in anyway they can. 

Gail and Billy have made the trip to Litchfield to participate for many years and also help with the Holyoke race.  IMG_0011 


And then there are the many unsung heros to everyone of this type of event,,,,,,,

THE VOLUNTEERS.   These are just a few of the hundreds of volunteers that it takes to make it a day where the guests show up and have a great time.  AND they do it all quietly and usually without recognition.  Which is why I often put pictures of volunteers on my site. “THANK YOU FOR BEING THERE”

I have more entries with lots of pictures to show you some of the people that came and enjoyed that weekend.  So check out the entries and put this on your calender to come and join us next year.

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