Two Very Special Women

by altardy on June 28, 2015


Meet Mary Lou.  Mary Lou is 90 years young.  Not only does she come to this race, but, she has been running it for many, many years.  What an inspiration to all. 

So, to all you macho, athletic, has beens trying to spout off on how great you USED TO BE, while you’re sitting on the couch…..she’s not “talking the talk” like you, she’s “running the run” still.  IMG_0007 

And meet Heather.  Not only does she do all the walks and runs carrying multiple flags, as a tribute to all our people in the service…….IMG_0003 

She carries a 30 pound knap sack while doing so.  There is alot attached to why she does this.  But, as I’m writing this she hasn’t sent me a link to her site.  As soon as I get the info I will put it here.IMG_0012   

Although Heather had finished ahead of Mary Lou, she went back and ran the last hundred yards with her so they could finish as a team. 

I am always amazed with the stories I find as I journey to places to run.

There are 2 more entries with more pictures from Saturday’s race.  So,  Check them out.

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